Vincent "Biofrost" Wang
  • 8.3 KDA
  • 0.8 CS/Min
  • 75.7% KP


Biofrost's league of legends career started in NACS summer split with the team Vortex. Currently an unknown support player he jumped from team to team, playing for teams such as: Dreamteam, Vortex, Elomingle and Final five. His career really kick-started when he joined TSM after a tryout when they were in their korean bootcamp. Competing for the support place in TSM after Yellowstar moved back to the EU and although he were a unknown challenger series support he took the the place as TSM's new support for NALCS Summer split 2016. Knowing he had to fill the shoes of TSM's last EU superstar support, he knew he had to prove that he was worthy of the spot on one of NALCS biggest team. As the new rookie on the team. TSM had one of their best seasons, finishing 17-1 in the regular season of Summer split 2016 and Biofrost was awarded with the rookie of the split.