Kim "Reignover" Ui-jin
  • 5.5 KDA
  • 4.5 CS/Min
  • 73.6% KP


Reignover is a Korean pro League of Legends player who started his career with Incredible Miracle. Things didn't go well for him at Korea as IM failed to qualify for the LCK. He got an offer from EU's top team Fnatic, and joined them in season 5. In spite of low expectations for the team consisting of relatively unknown players, they placed second in the regular season with a 13-5 game record. In the playoffs, Reignover and Fnatic took first place for the 2015 Spring EU LCS after edging out Unicorns of Love in a 3-2 series. From there, Reignover went to MSI, where he and the rest of Fnatic showed the world that EU wasn't anything to be trifled with. After making it out of the group stages, Reignover and Fnatic finally lost in the semi-finals to Korea's SKT T1 in a close 2-3 series.

Returning with Fnatic for the 2015 Summer Split of the EU LCS, Reignover and the rest of Fnatic became the first team in LCS history to have an entirely undefeated regular season split, going a full 18-0 and making history. Fnaticproceeded to the finals of the EU LCS where their win streak was finally ended by Origen, although they did still win the finals, ending with a 3-2 series over Origen. Reignover then traveled with Fnatic to the 2015 World Championship, where they battled against Taiwan's ahq e-Sports Club, North America's Cloud9, and China's Invictus Gaming in group B of the world championship. Fnatic emerged triumphant and left the group stage in first place. Advancing to the quarter-finals, Reignover and Fnatic fought against China's Edward Gaming, tearing down EDG in a swift 3-0 series without dropping a game. Advancing to the semi-finals, Reignover and Fnatic finally were stopped against Korea's Koo Tigers, ending in a 0-3 series and ending their run at worlds.